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Special Education Programs

The following are descriptions of the types of programs and services available at Almond Grove School:

Designated Instruction and Services  

Assessments must indicate the needs and services which  must be specified in the Individual Education Plan.  Types of services include, but are not limited to, Language and Speech Development, Psychological Counseling, Audiological Services, Occupational Therapy, instruction in the home or hospital.  Almond Grove School’s  Student Study Team is composed of general education classroom teachers and support staff for the purpose of discussing student needs and developing a plan for program modifications appropriate to the individual student prior to referral for Special Education.  Our school uses our district-wide Response to Intervention model.

Special Day Class/Autism Specific Classes

Special Day Class/Autism Specific Class students are enrolled in a separate class for instruction and are mainstreamed into general education classes as determined by their IEP.

In special education our goal is to provide services which best meet the student’s need within the general education program.  Under the federal guidelines, this is referred to as the least restrictive environment.  Assignment to special education classes or schools occurs only when it is determined that the student cannot benefit from the general education program, even with the use of supplementary aids and services.  At each IEP meeting, the team is required to consider a continuum of options for service, beginning with the least restrictive.  Federal law requires that the placement be as close to possible to the child’s home and that the child is educated in the school he/she would attend if non-disabled, unless the IEP team determines that the child requires some other arrangement.


The Oakley Union Elementary School District offers a GATE program to develop unique education opportunities for pupils who have been identified as gifted and talented.  The District has changed the process for identifying gifted and talented (GATE) students.  All second grade students in the Oakley Union Elementary School District will be screened each spring for possible identification in the GATE program to ensure equity and consistency among all students.  The universal testing will be the primary criteria for entry into the GATE program.

The second grade teachers administer the test.  This primary screening test is a measure of nonverbal ability and uses progressive matrices to allow for a fair evaluation of your students’ nonverbal reasoning and general problem solving ability, regardless of what language they speak, or of their educational or cultural background.  The test items present figures, which must be completed by selecting a puzzle piece that will complete the figure.  The Naglieri is most closely aligned with the subtest of most IQ tests that is the best indicator of giftedness.  Results are presented in scaled score format and rigorous norms have been established.

A secondary process for GATE identification is the nomination process.  Teachers or parents may nominate a student in grades 3-8 for the GATE program.  The nomination forms are available at each school.  The information on the nomination forms includes test scores from current and all previous grade levels as well as results from Naglieri.  A student must achieve a STAR score of mid-advanced or above in English Language Arts and Mathematics as part of the criteria.