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Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Drop off and Pick up

  • Drive through all parking lots slowly and carefully.
  • Drive forward in pick-up line/lane to pick up your child.
  • DO NOT park in red zones!
  • No double parking is allowed.
  • Please refrain from parking in handicapped spots unless you have an appropriate handicap logo that is visible.
  • We ask that you never leave your car unattended anywhere in the lot, except in a designated parking spot.
  • Please do no block other cars that may be ready to leave the parking lot.
  • All staff are instructed by administration to never let a student cross the parking lot/grass area unattended to get to a vehicle during pick up times.This is done to ensure the safety of all students.

Bus Transportation

Busing is available through Liberty Transportation.  Please contact Liberty Transportation at 634-2700 with any questions regarding fees and schedules.

Late Pick-Ups

Your cooperation is extremely important.  Please provide after-school day care for your child, if you are not available for pick-up at class dismissal time. We have on-site before and after school child care available in our Extended Day Care Learning Center. Please check with the office for a registration packet/fee schedule.

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