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General Yard Expectations


The purpose of these expectations is to provide a safe environment for all students and adults who attend or work at Almond Grove School.  Students are expected to behave in a manner that reflects positively on our school campus.  Adults make every effort to reinforce proper behavior, which will foster a respect for others, school, and private property.

Bathrooms are to be used for their designated purpose only.  Bathrooms in the quad are available to students during school hours.  Bathrooms are also available in the cafeteria.  Food and drink may not be brought into bathrooms.

Yard Rules

  1. Slide - only one slider at a time.
  2. Bars – used to strengthen arm muscles only.  Students may not sit, walk, or crawl on bars.  Hands need to be on bars at all times.  Hanging by knees is dangerous and therefore not allowed.
  3. Jump Ropes – play in an area that is away from doors.
  4. Swings – students need to be in sitting position.  Never bail off of the swings.
  5. Kick Balls – use on field only, unless a school employee directly supervises game.  Balls may never be kicked on the blacktop, unless student is engaged in adult supervised games.
  6. Sidewalks – are for walking.  Students are not to run or play unless on the blacktop or field.
  7. Gates & Fences – are not for climbing.  Feet are to remain on the ground at all times.
  8. Gum - gum chewing is not permitted at any time while at school.
  9. Balls – classroom balls and jump ropes are for all classroom students to play with.
  10. Litter – everyone is expected to pick up paper, milk cartons, and other litter on the school campus.  Students may be asked to help keep the campus clean by picking up papers.
  11. Play Areas – are designated during recess, lunch, and before school.  All students need to adhere to the rules.



  1. Leaving and entering buildings should be done in a proper manner.  Running, playing, and excessive noise are not allowed in any of our corridors.
  2. Students entering the office (in non-emergency situations) are expected to have a pass from a school employee.  Students without a pass will be asked to obtain one.
  3. Students are not to loiter or play in bathrooms.  Snack area is to be used for eating snacks.  Snacks will not be permitted in bathrooms.



  1. Fighting, put-downs, use of inappropriate language, or being disrespectful is not permitted.
  2. Students may bring playground balls from home, but may not bring toy items, trading cards, or any other unnecessary items from home. (See General School Rules for Specifics)
  3. Wrestling, mock fighting, martial art practicing, “piggybacking”, carrying or swinging on other students will not be permitted.


  1. No balls may be kicked on blacktop unless game is under direct supervision of classroom teacher or noon duty.
  2. Students need to use each type of ball for its intended purpose.
  3. No balls are to be thrown against buildings at any time.  It loosens the plaster.
  4. Students are advised to mark balls brought from home with his/her name. No football is allowed at school.
  5. Students should never kick or otherwise interfere with other student’s equipment or games.
  6. Students are not permitted to leave the playground to retrieve balls – the teacher or other adult on duty should be notified and will help obtain the ball.

Please Note

The bell STOPS all play.  Students need to immediately “freeze”.  A yard duty supervisor will blow his or her whistle signaling students to WALK to their lines.  This practice has been shown to reduce accidents, calm students down before re-entering class, and help students to recognize that recess is over.