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Emergency Procedures

Disaster Preparation

Fire, earthquake, suspicious person, and shelter-in-place drills are conducted regularly.  Detailed escape plans are posted inside the door of each classroom.

In the event of an earthquake in the school building

The teacher initiates action by directing students under their desks facing away from windows.  This will minimize injury from broken glass, falling light fixtures, and ceiling debris.

  1. After the initial shock, the teacher will guide the students out of the building in the same manner as a fire drill.
  2. The teacher will discuss with the students alternative exits out of the classroom should the door be jammed closed and what to do should the teacher be seriously injured or otherwise incapacitated.  All exits are kept unobstructed.
  3. When students are outside, the teacher will direct them away from the buildings, trees and poles, looking carefully for fallen wires.  The safest place is in the open.  Students should stay there until directed by school officials where to proceed next.
  4. Never re-enter a building until it has been declared safe.
  5. The teacher will take roll and know where all her/his students are.  They will be kept together.
  6. Under ordinary circumstances, students will be kept at school.
  7. Parents should not phone the school for information, as the lines will be needed for emergency use by the school.  Please be sure all emergency information is kept current in the office on your child’s emergency card.  You can drop by the school office for necessary information.

On the Playground

  1. Students are to immediately drop flat on the ground.
  2. As soon as possible after the initial shock, they are to move away from buildings, trees and poles.  Do not run and be sure to watch for fallen wires.
  3. Students are not to re-enter buildings.
  4. Stay together as a class with your teacher.  Do not leave school!  Students are to group by class at designated fire drill areas.  All teachers will take roll to account for students.


  1. The fire alarm will sound.
  2. Classes will go to the assigned location in an orderly fashion as directed by the teacher.
  3. Students are to remain quiet and calm while the teacher takes roll.
  4. When the alarm stops, a single bell will ring to signal teachers that all is clear.
  5. Teachers will direct students back to class.


Dangerous Person or Situation on Campus/Drill

  1. A long continuous bell will be sounded.  Over the intercom, we will announce “Code Green” which will mean the same thing as the bell.
  2. Anyone on the playground must return to the classroom immediately.
  3. Anyone in the room must stay there.  Do not leave for any reason.
  4. Stay calm.  Teachers will take roll and give directions.
  5. The teacher will turn off the lights and close all blinds.
  6. Students will be directed to stay away from windows and will be moved to a corner of the room.
  7. “Code Green All Clear” will come over the intercom when it is safe to return to daily routines.


Shelter-in-Place/Drill (Chemical, Spill, Smoke, etc.)          

Shelter, Shut and Listen

  1. A long, continuous bell will sound and you will hear “Code Red” over the intercom.
  2. Go inside the classroom or nearest building.
  3. Close doors and windows.
  4. Turn off fans, heating, or air-conditioning.
  5. Stay calm.  Teachers will take roll and give directions.
  6. “All Clear” will come over the intercom when it is safe.


Red fire bell alarm