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We are in need of gift cards for Photo developing.  We could use a Target card or anywhere else local that has a Kodak Picture machine.


We also need copy paper, plastic bowls, and paper plates (we need the heavy duty plates) 

Also, donate any gently used toys/books to our classroom!


Useful Websites

Scholastic Book Orders click here

Starfall click here

PBS Kids - This is a site where families can surf together, and where parents and caregivers are happy to have their children interact, learn and play.

Please use the following link to access the Common Core Standards.

Typing club click here


Rochelle Gardiner

Hi, My name is Rochelle Gardiner and I will be your child’s Kindergarten teacher.  I have been teaching Kindergarten for 22 years in Oakley and I LOVE IT!


I live in Pleasant Hill with my husband  Neil ,who is a PE teacher and my son Nicholas, who will be starting 6th grade this year.  We are a busy sports family. 


I spend my time away from school running an Essential Oils and Wellness business. I look forward to getting to know all of you.


I communicate through Class Dojo.  Please sign up and find me there.


Rochelle Gardiner

Kindergarten, Almond Grove

Kindergarten Schedule


8:25 – Arrival

8:30 – 8:45 – Attendance, good morning songs, greetings, introduce LA lesson

8:45 – 9:30 – LA Workshop

9:35 – 9:45 – Snack & clean-up LA

9:55 – 10:00 Calendar and intro Math

10:00-10:30 Math

10:30 – 10:45 – Recess

10:45 – 11:00 Finish math or Storytime

11:05 – 11:40 – Lunch

11:40-11:50 Recess

11:50-12:00 Meditation or quiet rest

12:00 – 12:30 – finish projects,

Social Studies, Science or Art

12:40 – 1:15 – Choice Time

1:25 – Dismissal (Wednesday is early release at 12:25)


Our Library Day is Friday

Nightly Reading


Why Can't I Skip My Reading Tonight?

Let's figure it out mathematically!

Student A reads 20 minutes five nights of every week.
Student B reads only 4 minutes a night...or not at all!

Step 1: Multiply minutes read a night x 5 times each week.
Student A reads 20 min. x 5 times a week = 100 minutes a week.
Student B reads 4 minutes x 5 times a week = 20 minutes a week.

Step 2: Multiply minutes read a week x 4 weeks each month.
Student A reads 400 minutes a month.
Student B reads 80 minutes a month.

Step 3: Multiply minutes read a month x 9 months/school year.
Student A reads 3600 minutes in a school year.
Student B reads 720 minutes in a school year.

By the end of 6th grade if Student A and Student B
maintain these same reading habits...

Student A will have read the equivalent of 60 whole school days.
Student B will have read the equivalent of only 12 school days.

One would expect the gap of information retained will have widened considerably and so, undoubtedly, will school performance. 

Which student will read better?
Which student will know more?
Which student will write better?
Which student will have a better vocabulary?
Which student would you expect to be more successful in school....and in life?

A Rule of Thumb for Choosing a Book

To help your child select a book that is just right for them, try this "rule of thumb".
Have your child read one page of the book,
holding up one finger for each unknown word.
If your child holds up four fingers and a thumb before finishing the page,
the book is probably too difficult for them to read alone.
It may be a book for you and your child to read together.

Independent Reading

It is very important that your child reads to you for a minimum of 20 minutes each night.  The more your child reads, the better reader your child will become


Get off to a good start, “Attend today, achieve for a lifetime!”

I contribute a lot to my class!

Absences can affect the whole classroom if the teacher has to slow down learning to help children catch up.

Too many absent students can affect the whole classroom, creating commotion and slowing down instruction.


¡Yo contribuyo mucho a mi clase! Contribuyo...

   Las ausencias pueden afectar a todo el salón de clase si la maestra tiene que reducir la velocidad de aprendizaje para ayudar a los niños a ponerse al día.

   Demasiados estudiantes ausentes pueden afectar todo el salón de clases, creando conmoción y reduciendo el aprendizaje e instrucción.